Woman realizes she’s lesbian at 35 and leaves spouse, house, and career to travel

Woman realizes she’s lesbian at 35 and leaves spouse, house, and career to travel – With a wonderful spouse, a lovely house, and a thriving business, Lauren Burgess believed she was living the ideal; yet, she began to get chronic hives due to stress. She had difficulty pinpointing the source, so she started counseling to delve a bit further.

Through this, she realized the truth at the age of 35: she was homosexual and profoundly dissatisfied with her life.

Therefore, Lauren chose to make a shift. Or numerous changes.

She resigned her work, divorced her spouse, and moved out in order to travel the globe and explore her sexuality.

She is now 37 years old and happy than ever.

Lauren, a business consultant from Joshua Tree, California, said, ‘I was living a life that was supposed to make me happy.

‘I had the perfect spouse, home, dog, and work, but I began to realize that something was off.

I saw individuals discussing their sexuality freely on social media, and something clicked.

“I wanted to travel and work, but my spouse was not as enthusiastic.”

“After a few of weeks of traveling in my van, I came to the realization that I was homosexual.”

During her undergraduate years, Lauren “experimented” with women, but always brushed it off as “just a little bit of fun.”

Not until she began treatment did she realize she had been repressing her actual self.

Along with persistent hives, a bout of despair brought on by a pandemic was the impetus for a complete lifestyle makeover.

She added, “I was in and out of the hospital until my therapist told me I needed to give up something in order to recover.”

“I could scarcely rise from bed.

“Matt and I began marital counseling and contemplated traveling.

‘However, he abruptly changed his mind and had the courage to tell me that that wasn’t what he desired.’

Lauren determined that she still wanted to explore the opportunity, and she purchased a van on Craigslist to travel “for a couple of weeks.”

The excursion was a complete success.

Woman realizes she's lesbian at 35 and leaves spouse
Woman realizes she’s lesbian at 35 and leaves spouse


Lauren said, “After seeing several social media users discussing their sexuality, I started to suspect that I am bisexual.”

“However, throughout the trip I realized I was definitely homosexual.

Everything made sense.

I realized I had to return to my spouse and broach the subject of a divorce.

In February 2021, after four years of marriage, Lauren left her husband Matt, 40, to explore the West coast of the United States in a van with her Goldendoodle, Ted.

Now that she has broadened her trips to Europe, she has visited places such as Lisbon, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, all the while exploring her sexuality and understanding what makes her really content.

Lauren said, “Matt is a great person, and I still feel deeply about him.”

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“It has been really difficult, but I had to pursue my aspirations.

Before, I believed I was living the life of my dreams, but now I am.

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