What the ‘Real Housewives’ Actually Spend on Fashion and the Origins of Teeth Jewels

What the Real Housewives, Actually Spend on Fashion and the Origins of Teeth Jewels

How much the “Real Housewives” are spending on clothes.

The attire on “Real Housewives” has swiftly taken on a personality of its own. Brian Moylan discusses the style procedure for each housewife and explains that garments cannot be borrowed. Leslie Christen, a stylist from Orange County who previously worked with a housewife, said that some manufacturers do not want their names associated with the program, forcing the ladies to pay out of pocket if they choose to wear a certain item.

Crystal Kung Minkoff, a member of the Beverly Hills ensemble, tells Moylan that deciding what to wear is the most difficult aspect of her role on the program. In her first season, Minkoff spent tens of thousands of dollars on her wardrobe, which ate into her $60,000 pay as a first-year cast member.

The origins of glistening teeth

Brennan Kilbane attempts to determine the definitive origin of tooth gems and other trendy mouth jewelry for Allure. Although it is known that the Etruscans had gold rings soldered onto their incisors and that the Mayans adorned their lips with jade, the Egyptians are typically attributed with developing the first grills.

This, however, is not the case. Archaeologists discovered two gold-bound teeth dating back to 2500 B.C., but concluded that it was likely not for jewelry reasons but rather for someone with poor dental care.

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Daniel Roseberry guides Elle around the atelier of Schiaparelli.

Daniel Roseberry, creative director of the house of Schiaparelli, discusses his path to his current position with Chanel Tattoli of Elle. Roseberry notes that the greater objective of his tenure is to recode Schiaparelli’s visual language, which explains the popularity of the disembodied gold body parts since their debut. He also describes his sister Liz’s recent wedding attire, which included a bustier gown with bone embellishments and a pair of gold eyeglasses with crystal and pearl tears falling from them.

Tattoli cites a quotation in relation to Roseberry’s design process: “If a child was strolling or being carried through the salons, what would that youngster be reaching for?”

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