Unionized Google Employees Promote the Company’s Abortion Position

Unionized Google Employees Promote the Company’s Abortion Position – In the aftermath of Roe v. Wade, more than 650 members of the Alphabet Workers Union, a recently-formed minority union comprised mostly of Google engineers, urged in a letter to business executives that their corporation amend its wide policy.

In a press statement issued to Gizmodo, the union highlighted three key concerns. First, unionized Google employees said that rights and benefits for people seeking abortions should be extended to contract and temporary workers. Second, the union urged that Google cease its funding for politicians and lobbying organizations, especially those who have lobbied for restrictions on reproductive rights. Many employees believe that Google’s collection of maternity-related data on users may be used to punish women for abortion or to target them with anti-abortion advertising.

Google did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Gizmodo. In its letter, the union urged Alphabet, Google’s parent firm, to form a task group consisting of 50 percent of workers to implement these measures, “much as Alphabet did in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.” According to reports, the corporation previously informed workers that their benefits plan would cover out-of-state treatments and that they may request for relocation “without explanation.”

This union’s last worry is shared by the IT and advertising industries. Recent revelations shown how poorly most pregnancy or period-tracking applications (the great majority housed on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store) secure user information. According to a recent revelation by Gizmodo, dozens of firms sell data on millions of customers who are pregnant or interested in motherhood. The basic minimum that Google has implemented so far is insufficient, according to union officials.

The employees noted recent accusations that Meta sent signals to law enforcement about an alleged “illegal” abortion in Nebraska. The social media giant fiercely denied knowing that Nebraska was investigating an abortion-related crime, despite the fact that case papers such as affidavits demonstrated that the inquiry was tied to abortion. It is unknown if Meta ever seen these affidavits.

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On the issue of workers’ access to safe abortions, the AWU labeled their firm a “two-tiered workforce” and advocated that Google’s contract labor get any advantages granted to employees relocating to states to access abortion. Google is affiliated with a variety of firms that either operate with the corporation or engage contract employees to do tasks such as providing material for the company’s help pages and coding assistance tools. They have often struggled to get the same advantages as their full-time countrymen.

“They emailed us immediately after the ruling to affirm their support for full-time employees having abortions, but they did not address how contracted workers, who tend to have more marginalized identities, would be supported in attempting to exercise their right to choose,” said Alejandra Beatty, a technical program manager at Alphabet subsidiary Verily and the southwest chapter leader, in the release.

Unionized Google Employees Promote the Company's Abortion Position
Unionized Google Employees Promote the Company’s Abortion Position


As for their final demand, that the company’s political action committee NETPAC cease support and lobbying for any and all politicians, Beatty told The Guardian that the union initially considered demanding they end support only for anti-abortion politicians, but would rather argue that “the entire system is broken” and that lobbying in this space is “participating in a fundamentally broken system.”

Emrys Adair, a Google retail worker, said in a press release, “Google claims they support abortion access for all people, but that means nothing when they continue to fund politicians that continue to infringe on human rights concerns, including abortion, voting access, and gun control.”

The letter was written to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and several other Google executives, including Chief Diversity Officer Melanie Parker and Vice President and General Manager of Ads Jerry Dischler. The union reported sending the petition to executives on Monday, but had not received a response by the end of Wednesday.

The union was founded last year largely to influence the company’s larger social policies, and its membership consists mostly of software engineers who are dissatisfied with Google’s lack of responsibility for its message and actions. Obviously, Google wasn’t delighted with this union creating issues on the side, so it quietly fought against it.

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The AWU does not have the power of collective bargaining and is not registered with the National Labor Relations Board, despite claiming to be affiliated with the Communications Workers of America and claiming to have more than 11,000 members across the company. Google employs 130,000 people worldwide, so the AWU has no collective bargaining power and is not registered with the NLRB.

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