Two ladies were detained for suspected child abuse in New Mexico

Two ladies were detained for suspected child abuse in New Mexico – Two women have been detained in eastern New Mexico for allegedly assaulting children in their care and chaining them to their beds in order to deprive them nourishment, according to officials.

According to documents filed with the Curry County Magistrate Court, 37-year-old Jayme L. Kushman and 29-year-old Jaime Kay Sena were arrested on Monday on 21 charges of alleged child abuse and obstruction of a child abuse investigation.

Tuesday, it remained unclear if each lady had a lawyer who can speak for her.

Authorities said that Kushman and Sena lived with children aged 5 to 14 in a Texico residence near the Texas border.

The youngsters consisted of Sena’s children, members of Kushman’s family, and at least one foster child.

Investigators with the New Mexico State Police said they discovered footage showing several of the children being shackled to their beds by their ankles, supposedly to prevent them from stealing food from the kitchen when they were hungry.

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In addition to a lack of running water, a toilet clogged with human waste, and urine-scented bedrooms, police said they discovered filthy conditions in the residence.

As per media reports, The New Mexico Child, Youth, and Families Department notified police on July 22 about a probable instance of child abuse, which prompted an investigation that led to the charges.

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