Surely Democrats have an alternative candidate against Kamala Harris

Surely Democrats have an alternative candidate against Kamala Harris – Between the humiliating loss of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo. ), about whom the partisan left couldn’t care less other than to use her as a sledgehammer against Donald Trump, and Hollywood’s gradual retreat from box office-crushing woke orthodoxy, the political landscape seems to be changing. Is this trend toward the Republican and conservative right? Some will answer yes, while others will yell nay. We will shortly determine who is accurate.

Regardless matter who benefits, I see a political realignment occurring. It seems to be an emergency reassessment organized by the most influential special interest group in the nation: the American people. These are Americans, and more specifically, American voters, who are being crushed by the real-world issues that people in power are either causing or failing to solve.

Returning to Hollywood for a minute, fictitious President Andrew Shepherd, portrayed by Michael Douglas in “The American President,” proclaims from the platform in the White House press room, “Everyone understands America isn’t easy. America is a sophisticated nation. You must have a strong desire for it, since it will put up a struggle. We have serious challenges to tackle, and we need serious individuals to do it.”

Millions of voices on all sides of the political divide concur that our nation has some of the least serious “leaders” in its history. Some of them seem to care more about their own re-election and the development of their party than the wellbeing of their people.

Nonetheless, inside this political universe, the two-party system continues to dominate. Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and potentially former vice president Mike Pence are on the Republican Party’s dance card for the 2024 presidential race, along with a few outsiders, such as former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who are seeking to break in.

Whoever makes up the ultimate GOP ticket in two years, the majority of Republican voters are sure to enthusiastically support it. This raises two immediate concerns: Who will comprise the Democratic nomination? And will Democratic voters enthusiastically support it?

Surely Democrats have an alternative candidate against Kamala Harris
Surely Democrats have an alternative candidate against Kamala Harris


Some people, including some Democrats, think that the evolving political scene is swaying hitherto “assured” Democratic supporters toward the Republican side of the political spectrum. If true, one reason for this is because people have paid a real price for the previous three years of epidemic and political instability and are rapidly losing trust in both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, whom many left-leaning media outlets now think should not run again.

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Regardless of your political persuasion or belief, it would be imprudent to deny that a seismic disruption is occurring. One party not only seems prepared for it, but also hopes to profit from it. The opposing party may need to evaluate the merits and drawbacks of their anticipated presidential ticket, as well as the topics most likely to appeal to poor, working-class, and disenfranchised voters.

Some on the extreme left continue to advocate for accurate pronoun use and the identification and punishment of microaggressions. Others from the moderate, pragmatic wing of the Democratic Party are attempting to discover practical solutions to aid people through difficult circumstances and to choose the finest candidate to communicate their agenda.

Is Harris this individual? There may be a growing consensus among the party’s rank-and-file members that a fresh slate must be offered in 2024 for the Democrats to have any chance of keeping the White House. And if that is the case, what is Kamala Harris’s backup plan? Surely, the Democratic spectrum’s power brokers have compiled a list of probable contenders.

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