Say Goodbye To Your Office: This Company Is Prepared For 100 percent Hoteling

Say Goodbye To Your Office This Company Is Prepared For 100 percent Hoteling – As a result of the pandemic, legal firms of all sizes have investigated new methods to conduct their daily business, with hybrid work models emerging as the winning strategy for the majority of companies. But what is the point of providing attorneys with dedicated office space if they work from home so frequently?

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many legal firms have been attempting to reduce their real estate footprints, and staff working remotely makes it much easier for organizations to achieve this objective. So, whose company is prepared to adopt a “100% hoteling” model? This would be the midsize Northern California firm Farella Braun + Martel, which wants to eliminate all fixed offices for attorneys when it relocates to a smaller building next year. Here is additional content from the American Lawyer:

According to real estate partner Tony Ratner, who is in charge of the transition, there are two reasons for the move. Recognizing that the majority of attorneys will only visit the office once or twice per week, a very condensed floor plan is the only way to ensure that visits take place in a lively and exciting atmosphere. In addition, it enables the company to satisfy its environmental objectives by adapting office space to actual needs.

Say Goodbye To Your Office This Company Is Prepared For 100 percent Hoteling
Say Goodbye To Your Office This Company Is Prepared For 100 percent Hoteling


Ratner stated, “Only by hoteling can we reach the desired size and sense of sustainability for our new location.” If lawyers need to go to the office, they will be able to view a map and images of the area before reserving an office with the help of Maptician, a space and occupancy management technology business.

The firm’s director of facilities and business services, Phyllis Medler, told the American Lawyer, “I wanted something that people wouldn’t be terrified of: they could just open the mobile app or online app.” It is simple and easy to use without any extra features.

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What effect will this have on Farella Braun + Martel? Hopefully as well as it has been thus far, considering Maptician is already in use in the company’s workplace. When they enter the workplace, some attorneys, according to Medler, have abandoned their allotted desks in favor of alternative workspaces.

Is this the future path for midsize and large legal firms? Time will tell, but lawyers at this firm will soon no longer have their own office. This San Francisco Company Is Prepared for Complete Hoteling. But it requires technology to function [American attorney].

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