Princess Diana passed away 25 years ago, yet she continues to inspire women

Princess Diana passed away 25 years ago, yet she continues to inspire women – Diana’s life began as a fairy tale and ended as a Greek tragedy: a gorgeous prince and a lovely princess, followed by fame, betrayal, reinvention, and a deadly automobile accident in Paris 25 years ago.

If Diana had lived happily ever after, she would be a 61-year-old royal grandmother today; she would be older, wiser, and perhaps less intriguing. While Charles has hardened into a condition of perpetual suspension, Diana has become an archetype, a figure of resiliency and redemption. She is Everywoman, or what each woman wishes she was.

Christine Tomsovic, 52, visited a traveling exhibit on Princess Diana at the Tysons Corner mall in Northern Virginia on a recent Saturday. “I’ve watched her since I was a small child,” she said. “I saw her marriage. I observed everything up to her awful demise. I’m simply a great fan.” She described Diana as “caring, sympathetic, and kind.” She was compassionate. And she was unlike past royals: “Her character shattered the pattern. She was genuine. Nobody was able to instruct her what to do.

His eyes were full with tears. “I’m just saddened by her passing.”

Gone but never, ever forgotten. If anybody believed that Diana’s death on August 31, 1997 would put a stop to the constant drama and tabloid headlines, they were horribly mistaken. An estimated 2 billion individuals watched her burial, and the subsequent quarter century has only served to enhance her renown. Charles as a reckless and unloving husband, the royal family as distant and dominating, and Diana as a romantic innocent, loving mother, betrayed spouse, and eternally, gloriously, the people’s princess have been the prevailing historical narratives.

During this somber anniversary, this idealized portrayal of her is practically on show at the museum. Tomsovic was one of Diana’s followers — many older, some younger, almost all women — who paid $25 for the walk-through tour of more than one hundred oversized photographs: Diana the fashion icon, Diana the pioneer, Diana the role model.

The 26-year-old Mexican visitor Mariana Orozco said that Diana lived her life “with love, not by restrictions.” She was a baby when Princess Diana passed away, but she grew up intrigued by her. Recently engaged, she wore a little blue stone on her left ring finger: “All my life I’ve wished for a sapphire like Princess Diana’s.”

The exhibit’s director, Cliff Skelliter, said, “Her beauty and style lure people in very fast.” “There are many connections to what seems like a fairy tale; we enjoy fish-out-of-water tales because they allow us to readily identify with the protagonist. Therefore, when someone like Diana comes along, all these ladies of around the same age, who are now in their sixties, project themselves onto this young girl and form a close link.”

The eight-foot photographs were taken by Anwar Hussein and his two sons, who photograph Prince William and Prince Harry and their families. Anwar Hussein was one of the numerous royal photographers who documented Diana’s every move throughout her 16 years in the public eye. The majority of the iconic photos had previously been published in newspapers, journals, and books, yet together they serve as a reminder of her brief, colorful existence.

Skelliter said, “We could use these anecdotes about Princess Diana to really paint a picture of her humanity, that she was a genuine person who was learning in front of a slew of cameras with the whole world watching, and who was not necessarily flawless, but finding things out.”

Holy crap, she was so young! There is a photograph of Diana when she was young, attractive, and freshly engaged. In a second, Charles and Diana are leaving the church after their wedding in 1981; over 750 million people across the globe saw the ceremony and the legendary balcony kiss. The groom was 32 years old and in love with another lady; the bride had just turned 20.

“I felt sad for her. “I remember thinking, ‘Don’t do it,'” recalled 67-year-old Lois Wren. Wren recalls getting up at 4 a.m. to watch the royal wedding, like so many other ladies at the exhibit. She was old enough to be concerned about the newly crowned princess entering the lion’s lair. “How sad,” she said while shaking her head. “So sad.”

Laura, her 31-year-old daughter, saw Diana’s burial as a small child and now believes that she came unscathed from the lion’s den. She said, “I thought she was wonderful.” “She didn’t appear like a snob, like previous royals. She seemed to be a really sincere person.” She indicated a photograph of Diana comforting a sick kid. “No other royal, no other celebrity, and maybe not even a good person does it.” But she did it.”

“We have always been fascinated with the royal family,” said 25-year-old Maria Melgar, who attended the show with her mother Martha. “Her name may be heard everywhere. She had an incredible ability to connect with others. She portrayed herself as a relatable person, one of us.”

Princess Diana with the media: They used her, and she utilized them. till her passing away

History is an unreliable narrator, and many of the complexities of Diana’s life have been simplified for the sake of a simpler narrative. Her family was noble and acquainted with the queen, therefore she was no Cinderella. She lived in elite circles and was poised for a distinguished marriage, but a match with the crown prince was a feat for the Spencer family – Diana was the first English woman in more than 300 years to marry an heir to the British monarchy.

Diana might have withdrawn to a peaceful, inconspicuous existence after the dissolution of her marriage, but that was not in her nature. The unsaid reality in her life (and in the photographs) is how much Shy Di adored and used the limelight – first because she enjoyed it, and subsequently in her long conflict with Charles and the royal family. The incessant paparazzi eventually proved to be a Pandora’s box she was unable to shut, but her public duty was both a real expression of compassion and a strategy for winning the PR warfare.

The exhibit features the famed photograph of Sad Diana alone at the Taj Mahal (matched with another of William and Kate in the same location), as well as Sassy Diana wearing the seductive black “revenge dress” the evening Charles officially revealed his affair. The conclusion of the fairy tale marked the beginning of Diana’s rise as a contemporary role model. She was attractive and fashionable, but it was her frailty, disappointment, and failure that made her accessible.

Margaret Kizis said, “At first, I wasn’t really interested in her.” “After reading Andrew Morton’s book, I learned that it wasn’t all glitter and beauty; she endured a great deal.” What Kizis admires most about Diana is that she used her misery to assist others. “There’s nothing wrong with trying to alleviate one’s own suffering. “It’s unfortunate that she didn’t understand how many people loved her in return.”

Princess Diana died 25 years ago, but she endures as a role model for women
Princess Diana died 25 years ago, but she endures as a role model for women


The 76-year-old has a collection of Diana-related books, magazine articles, miniatures, and china that she intends to one day sell for charity. “She brought goodness into the world, and she impacted many individuals in need of love, kindness, and humanity.”

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This heritage has been carried on to Diana’s boys, who have both outlived their mother at this point. William, 40, resembles his father more and more as the years pass, which is not unexpected for a future monarch. Harry, who will be 38 next month, has always had his mother’s touch, as well as her defiance and sensitivity, now that he is no longer burdened by the weight of royal duty. The exhibition features photographs of the brothers and their families, an homage to her impact and what could have been had she survived.

“I believe she was ahead of her time, particularly for women,” remarked Taylor Stephens, age 29. “She accomplished a lot for women at that time, as seen by how she reared her sons. This established a precedent for the rest of the royal family, as shown by Kate and Meghan. She made a royal family that had been quite reticent more human.”

Diana will be remembered by history in broad strokes: as a beautiful princess with a lonely marriage, a defender of the injured and downtrodden, and a lady who touched the untouchable.

“One of the things I hope people take away from this show is the desire to represent something positive in the world,” said the exhibit’s curator, Skelliter. “Since Princess Diana did that, correct? She exemplified how to be a wonderful, involved mother and how to navigate a particularly challenging situation in a complex, imperfect society. If we could look at her and say, “Alright, there is hope for us,” that would be a net good.”

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