Money that can be programmed should worry you – Layah Heilpern

Money that can be programmed should worry you Layah Heilpern — Layah Heilpern, a social media influencer and television host, believes that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a method for banks and governments to exert control over the populace.

Heilpern, who also published Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide To The World’s Most Revolutionary Asset in September 2021, stated in an interview with the British news outlet GB News on August 19 that the widespread implementation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) by nation states could lead to the future financial censorship of citizens.

As CBDCs are effectively programmable coins that operate on blockchains, Heilpern claimed that they may be “programmed against you” at the whim of the centralized authority controlling them.

“If, for whatever reason, you say the incorrect thing, knowing that censorship is on the rise, that money may be programmed to be used against you,” she said.

Heilpern stated that although many people may think this thought to be “very odd,” it is really extremely plausible considering the limitations imposed by governments on unvaccinated individuals:

“With a CBDC, [the government] need just program the funds so they cannot be used on certain items.”

While CBDCs will be advertised as “better for the environment” and a “solution to increasing inflation rates,” according to Heilpern, this is “a fraud.”

In a Twitter tweet after the interview, Heilpern did not hold back as she declared that the “Central Bank Digital Currencies would be promoted as more environmentally friendly and the answer to inflation. It is false. Programmable money should worry you, since money is the source of your life’s vitality.”

Central Bank Digital Currencies will be marketed as better for the environment and the solution to inflation.

It’s a lie.

Money is the energy that fuels your life; so programmable money should terrify you. @GBNEWS is the only UK platform talking about this.

— Layah Heilpern (@LayahHeilpern) August 18, 2022

Notably, though, such fears about financial censorship have recently been increasingly prominent with cryptocurrencies in general, as seen by the recent Tornado Cash fiasco, in which the U.S. Treasury sanctioned ETH and USDC addresses related with the Ethereum-based privacy service.

Money that can be programmed should worry you - Layah Heilpern
Money that can be programmed should worry you – Layah Heilpern


According to a study published in October 2021, 110 nations are “in some level” of CBDC development, with the Sand Dollar CBDC of the Bahamas being the first of its type to be implemented in October 2020.

But probably the most contentious CBDC is China’s “Yuan” (e-CNY), issued by the People’s Bank of China, whose pilot version was introduced in April 2020, with some speculating that the prohibition on cryptocurrencies was implemented to pave the way for the digital Yuan.

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The Bank of Russia has also initiated CBDC testing and intends to introduce one before to the 2024 presidential election.

Despite widespread criticism, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva believes that CBDCs may provide developing countries more macroeconomic stability than decentralized currencies, given that CBDCs would have “state support” and be regulatory compliance.

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