Kim Jong-lavish un’s lifestyle while his people hunger

Kim Jong-lavish un’s lifestyle while his people hunger – The Hermit Kingdom’s rich and poor. – North Korea announced victory over COVID-19 earlier this month, easing limitations imposed in May. However, this does not imply that the nation’s issues are resolved. The bulk of North Korea’s population is forced into poverty by a variety of problems, such as food shortages and floods, while the country’s elite live in opulence. How uneven is society in North Korea? As Kim Jong-un launches a new 80-story building in Pyongyang, continue reading to learn about the staggering disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished in the infamous rogue state. All currency values in US dollars.

The privileged are permitted to reside in Pyongyang.

The songbun system defines every North Korean resident. According to reports, there are five defined castes in total. Just members of these high castes are permitted to reside in the capital Pyongyang. The privileged elite, which comprises only 10% of North Koreans, enjoys’special’ or ‘nucleus’ status, and only they are permitted to reside in Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-lavish un's lifestyle while his people hunger
Kim Jong-lavish un’s lifestyle while his people hunger


The remaining population is prohibited from entering the capital.

The majority of North Koreans, however, belong to one of three disadvantaged social categories or lower castes, ranging from “basic” and “complicated” to “hostile.” These individuals are prohibited from residing in the capital and get no special privileges, such as food rations or phone licenses. According to insiders, the songbun system is founded on two factors: your present standing in society and your family’s past, both in terms of social status and devotion to the country’s leadership.

The best may make thousands every month.

The highest levels of the Pyongyang elite may make hundreds of dollars each month, although the ordinary citizen of the city earns between $30 and $40. For the wealthy, housing, food, and other necessities are subsidized to the point of being free, and they enjoy enormous rations, thus this payment is more akin to a supplement than a wage.

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