Jenelle Evans said, “MTV wanted me back, but I have my own show on another network.”

Jenelle Evans said, “MTV wanted me back, but I have my own show on another network.”

What is the status of Jenelle Evans’s career?

Until recently, this question could be answered by checking Jenelle’s Instagram or TikTok to see whether she was promoting any new OnlyFans material.

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans


Over the last four months, the site has provided the majority of Jenelle and David Eason’s income, and it seemed for a while that it would continue to dominate their professional life.

Now, it seems like Jenelle may have larger and better things in store, including a potential comeback to reality television.

In recent weeks, speculations have circulated that Jenelle may return to the program that made her famous.

Teasers for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter suggested that Jenelle might make a short appearance on the show.

Jenelle Evans-8
Jenelle Evans-8


Now, Evans’ management claims that she declined to sign an exclusive contract with MTV because doing so “would have hampered Jenelle’s other employment prospects.”

Yes, according to a recent claim from Page Six, MTV contacted Jenelle about rejoining the network that made her famous, but she declined.

Evans “has a new dynamic series in production, but is keeping the premise under wraps for the time being,” according to her management.

The representative for Jenelle refused to provide any information, but assured that the new program would air on a “big network.”

In 2019, Jenelle was sacked from Teen Mom 2 due to claims of kid and animal cruelty.

Since then, she has established various failed businesses, including a cosmetics line and a website for subscriptions.

Before joining the site herself earlier this year, Evans had criticised other former reality stars who had created OnlyFans profiles.

Jenelle Evans-4
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Fans will certainly be surprised to learn that Jenelle will not appear on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, since promotional materials for the program suggested that Evans would at least make a cameo.

While promoting the new season, other franchise actors, notably Leah Messer, have been questioned about Jenelle.

“I’m curious to see where she is in her life, and whatever the executives finally decide will be the case. I wish her the best,” Messer said last week to Page Six.

Leah continued by stating that she has not been in touch with her Teen Mom 2 co-star Jenelle for many years, despite the fact that they were formerly quite close.

“I haven’t spoken to Jenelle in a very long time. She was one of the show’s initial cast members. And I was pretty familiar with her at the time,” she said.

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“I do not know [her] at this time. Sincerely, I do not have a connection with her at this time.”

However, it seems like Leah will not be reuniting with Jenelle in the near future.

Obviously, specifics on Evans’s new project are few at the time, but we’ll provide updates when further information becomes available.

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