It is possible that asteroids transported water to Earth- Report

It is possible that asteroids transported water to Earth- Report – After examining rare samples acquired during a six-year Japanese space mission, scientists concluded that asteroids from the solar system’s outskirts may have carried water to Earth. In an effort to shed insight on the beginnings of life and the genesis of the cosmos, experts are analysing asteroid Ryugu samples sent back to Earth in 2020.

The nearly refrigerator-sized Hayabusa2 mission was launched in December 2014, landing on the diamond-shaped asteroid Ryugu, which in Japanese means “dragon palace” and is about 185 million miles distant. The capsule created a spectacular display over the Australian outback when it descended to Earth in 2020, bursting across the sky like a brilliant fireball.

Photographs of the fireball captured on-site. Welcome back.
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The Japanese spacecraft that landed on the celestial planet and sent a “impactor” into its surface collected the 5.4 grammes (0.2 ounces) of pebbles and dust.

Studies on the material are starting to be published, and one group of researchers said in June that they had discovered organic material indicating that some of the building blocks of life on Earth, amino acids, may have originated in space.

In a recent research published in Nature Astronomy, scientists assert that Ryugu samples might throw light on the enigma of how seas first arose on Earth billions of years ago.

“Volatile and organic-rich C-type asteroids may have been one of the primary suppliers of Earth’s water,” according to a research released Monday by Japanese and international experts.

It said, “The transport of volatiles (that is, organics and water) to the Earth is still a matter of some controversy.” But the organic compounds detected in Ryugu particles constitute a significant source of volatiles, according to this research.

It is possible that asteroids transported water to Earth- Report
It is possible that asteroids transported water to Earth- Report


The scientists theorised that this material originated from “beyond the Solar System,” but noted that it was “unlikely to have been the sole source of volatiles delivered to the early Earth.”

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In the Nature Astronomy article, the researchers praised once again the mission’s contributions to scientific discovery. “Ryugu particles are unquestionably among the least polluted Solar System materials accessible for laboratory research, and continued examinations of these valuable samples will likely increase our knowledge of early Solar System dynamics,” according to the report.

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The NASA OSIRIS-REx mission obtained a sample from Bennu, a comparable near-Earth asteroid like Ryugu. In 2023, the sample will return to Earth. This 13 November 2019 photograph published by JAXA depicts the asteroid Ryugu as captured by the Hayabusa2 mission.

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