How To Safe Yourself Against Spam Email Bot-Recruiters

How To Safe Yourself Against Spam Email Bot-Recruiters – In this era of bots (short for “internet robots”), it is becoming more difficult to discern between a human and a computer programme. These systems are intended to replicate human behaviour, and they do so to some extent.

Some clever “legal recruiters” have recently began deploying bots to entice prospects into allowing them to submit them to prospective employers. The distinction between a conversation with a real person and one with a robot is blurring, but one thing is clear: candidates who allow themselves to be represented by bots do themselves NO favours.

We’ve been in the business long enough to realise that a successful recruiter cannot be sluggish, and that our most valuable contribution is typically a personal sense for matching. Certain tasks must be delegated to professionals. Working with a respectable and regarded (live, breathing) recruiter is priceless, from sensible guidance and industry expertise to finding a good-fitting company.

In addition, engaging with an agency that uses bots to replace its recruiters may damage your chances of getting placed rather than improve them. You may be one of a few thousand mid-level corporate colleagues, but you are an exceptional applicant with exceptional talents and experiences. Why should you allow a bot recruiter to do your search in the same manner as everyone else’s?

Here’s how you can protect yourself from recruiters and firms that employ automated systems and guarantee that you’re dealing with a genuine, legitimate recruiter:

1. Conduct research

Our recruiters are not-so-secretly our greatest asset. Therefore, we distribute their content, publish their biographies, and feature them on our website. When you contact Kinney Recruiting, a human will read your email or answer your phone call. We cannot work officially with everyone who contacts us, but we strive to assist EVERYONE in any manner possible. Before joining up with a legal recruitment service, submitting your résumé, or approving businesses, you should do research. Examine their website and their personnel. If you cannot locate your “recruiter” on LinkedIn or they cannot be verified online, they are likely not real. In addition to bots, there are recruiters whose reputations are so soiled that they operate behind pseudonyms; you won’t discover much information about them either.

2. Contact your recruiter via telephone

Automated systems may be useful, and bots can answer generic queries about job openings, but do you know what they cannot accomplish? They cannot share a humorous story or develop genuine connections. Before approving any submissions to companies, we recommend speaking with your recruiter over the phone. This will confirm that you are communicating with a person and open the door to a mutually beneficial relationship.

How To Safe Yourself Against Spam Email Bot-Recruiters
How To Safe Yourself Against Spam Email Bot-Recruiters


3. Trust your gut

Kinney Recruiting’s Managing Director, Jessica Chin Somers, recently got an email from a candidate who asked, “Is this a legitimate email and are you a real person? I have joined up with a number of different hiring companies and get several automated emails. It may be quite perplexing.” Jessica informed the applicant that she is indeed a genuine person with a legitimate law degree (two! ), a real phone number, and a real email address.

In addition, Jessica consumes genuine food and has real emotions. Our recruiters all do. There is nothing inappropriate with questioning a recruiter that you have only interacted with over email whether they are genuine, particularly if you are unsure about anything or contemplating approving businesses online. Our advice? Always follow your instincts. If you suspect that they are not genuine or you want to ensure that you are not joining a system that will be difficult to exit, don’t be afraid to inquire.

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Even better, phone them and have a talk. If it is impossible or even tough, you must flee! Every candidate’s biggest dread (or it should be) is that their CV ends up in spam and they become unemployable. We take measures to guarantee you never find yourself in this situation. Our recruiters individually draught applications, assist with interview preparation, and negotiate your offer.

Finding the appropriate applicant for a position or the right company for a candidate may be difficult and time-consuming. In an industry founded on trust, however, you should rely on actual recruiters to assist you make your next job move and progress your career.

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