How to make French Chocolate Velvet Pie

How to make French Chocolate Velvet Pie – Someone once referred to my French Silk Pie as “heaven on a platter.” This chocolatey, velvety, and creamy delicacy is also known as Chocolate Silk Pie. And although being lighter than chocolate mousse, it is as indulgent and delectable.

This French chocolate silk pie defies description in terms of its exquisite flavor. The addition of the Oreo crust to my French Silk Pie Recipe elevates the flavor of my chocolate pie to a whole new level.

Components for French Silk Pie

I include step-by-step photographs of the whole procedure, making it simple to reproduce this amazing chocolate treat at home. Who’s ready for some chocolatey goodness?

Oreo whole cookies with stuffing
unsalted butter melted

French Chocolate Velvet Pie
French Chocolate Velvet Pie

granulated sugar
large eggs
bittersweet chocolate melted
vanilla extract
unsalted butter at room temperature
heavy cream
powdered sugar

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heavy cream
vanilla extract

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