How to easily return to the previous Gmail design

How to easily return to the previous Gmail design – Do you dislike Gmail’s new site design? I feel you. Even if the rolled-out changes were minor, the side panel including programs like as Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet has made reading email in the morning seem more daunting.

Certainly, you can make things a bit easier on the eyes by concealing the Gmail category and label window with a few fast adjustments. However, if you dislike further changes, like as the new light-blue backdrop of the Compose button, which I found distracting, it’s rather simple to return to the former design. (For the time being at least. We don’t know how much longer Gmail will allow users to return to the previous look; thus, let’s take use of this privilege while we still can.)

How to revert to the previous Gmail design

Sign into your account by visiting in your browser.
Near your Gmail account icon or business name, you’ll see the cog icon for Quick Settings in the upper-right corner. Click on it.

After doing so, a tiny rectangular menu will appear on the side, with the statement “You’re using the new Gmail view.” Click Restore the previous view underneath that.

A prompt will appear asking why you are reversing. There, you may rant about how much you detest the design, or you can just go on with your life, ignore it, and click Reload.

Voila! Everything should be back to normal now that you’re done. You may quickly switch back to the new interface if you have a change of heart immediately after returning to the previous one.

How to easily return to the previous Gmail design
How to easily return to the previous Gmail design


How to revert to the previous Gmail layout

After entering into your Gmail account via a web browser, click the Quick Settings cog icon again in the top right corner.

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You’ll see a tiny, rectangular menu once again, but this time it will have the sentence “You’re using the original Gmail view.” Select Try out the new Gmail interface.

Another dialog box will appear, but this time it will not request your opinion. Simply click the Reload button to continue.

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