Hermione Granger broke our hearts ten times in Harry Potter 

Hermione Granger broke our hearts ten times in Harry Potter – Hermione Granger is one of the franchise’s most adored characters. She is a distinctive and likeable character due to her brilliance, kindness, friendliness, and funny remarks. Although she repeatedly demonstrates her intelligence and strength throughout the series and wins the Gryffindor title, she also experiences several instances of vulnerability and sadness. These are tough to see for the audience.

Being Muggle-born and shamelessly intelligent, Hermione endures cruel remarks and harassment from her classmates. Fans can tell how distressed she is, despite her attempts to put on a brave front. As Hermione matures, she often confronts difficulties, hurdles, and tribulations that break the viewers’ hearts.

Hermione’s peers made fun of her.
In The Philosopher’s Stone, Hermione Granger is intelligent, diligent, and a touch bossy. This makes her an easy target for ridicule, particularly from Ron, who seems jealous of her intellect. Hermione is very offended when she overhears Ron admitting that she has no friends.

Seeing Hermione spend the whole day sobbing alone in the girls’ toilet is heartbreaking. This almost results in Hermione’s demise, since she is ignorant of the troll wandering the castle on Halloween night and confronts him in the lavatory.

Hermione’s assistance to the group causes her to be terrified.
Hermione demonstrates her courage and selflessness in The Chamber of Secrets when she discovers the identify of Tom Riddle’s immensely destructive Basilisk weapon. However, upon seeing the beast, Hermione is petrified and rendered immobile.

Harry and Ron are profoundly affected by Hermione’s death in the closing minutes of their second year. Nevertheless, the trio’s reunion in a beautiful sequence nearly makes up for their loss. Hermione and Harry jump into one other’s arms during the final year feast, as Ron uncomfortably greets Hermione back.

She turned become Malfoy’s target.
The phrase “Mudblood” is a very offensive insult used towards witches and wizards born to Muggle parents. It is used to emphasize that their blood is not pure and is, in the eyes of pure-blood wizards, polluted by non-magical DNA. In The Chamber of Secrets, Draco Malfoy, who constantly assaults Hermione, uses this word repeatedly.

Hermione is offended by the insult and strives to establish her value as a witch despite her origins. The situation is very tragic, but the sequence in which Hagrid ensures Hermione realizes her value is moving.

Hermione Granger broke our hearts ten times in Harry Potter
Hermione Granger broke our hearts ten times in Harry Potter


Her Response To Buckbeak’s Demise
Seeing any innocent creature die is heartbreaking, but Draco Malfoy’s actions caused the death of the beloved Buckbeak. Buckbeak responds to Malfoy’s arrogance in The Prisoner of Azkaban by accidently injuring him. Buckbeak is thus condemned to death.

The Golden Trio is on the castle grounds during Buckbeak’s execution after seeing Hagrid. Hermione is sobbing and hiding her face in Ron’s shoulder so she cannot see the unfolding event. This is the first genuine moment of intimacy between the two, making it even more painful.

Ron ruined her evening at the Christmas Ball.
Hermione steals the scene at the Yule Ball, coming in a stunning pink gown and accompanied by Viktor Krum of Durmstrang. Hermione seemed to be having a fantastic time, letting herself to really enjoy herself. However, Ron’s jealousy ruins the moment. He insults Hermione for associating with “the enemy” and makes her feel terrible.

Hermione’s descent from elation to tears on the Hogwarts staircase is a terrible sight. In the course of the series, she seldom experiences genuine happiness, so this is very heartbreaking.

Seeing Ron And Lavender Together Broke Her Heart
Hermione and Ron’s relationship had a difficult beginning, as they move from being hesitant friends to one other’s families. Around The Order of the Phoenix, the two begin to create a playful interaction that suggests a budding romance. In The Half-Blood Prince, it is very difficult for Hermione to see Ron courting Lavender Brown.

Hermione is profoundly upset and perplexed by Ron’s actions, having sensed a growing attraction between them. Even though her heart is wounded, it is comforting to know that Harry is there to support her, and the two form a friendship via their shared desire for someone they cannot have.

Hermione erased the memories of her parents.
Although Hermione’s parents don’t featured much in the series, they seem to be on excellent terms with her. Despite being muggles themselves, they seem to encourage her activities in the Wizarding World. Therefore, the moment in which Hermione erases their memories breaks every fan’s heart.

Hermione erases herself from her parents’ memory so it is as if she never was in order to protect them and enable her to depart without opposition. Even if both Hermione and the spectator know it is for the best, it is nonetheless heartbreaking to see Hermione’s suffering.

Her Response to Ron’s Departure In Deathly Hallows: Part One, the Golden Trio is divided. Ron says some nasty words to Harry before leaving, frustrated that they are not making progress on their quest and adversely impacted by the Horcrux locket. Hermione is conflicted. She wants to assist Harry, but she also recognizes Ron’s difficulties.

This, along with her burgeoning affections for Ron, causes Hermione a great deal of anguish when she decides to remain with Harry and watch Ron go. Observing the separation of the three is difficult for any observer, particularly after witnessing Hermione’s anguish over the situation.

She Became the Victim of Bellatrix.
The Deathly Hallows has one of the most distressing and difficult-to-watch sequences in the whole saga. When the trio is transported to Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix discovers that Hermione has the sword of Gryffindor, which had previously been stored in her bank vault. Due to her belief that Hermione stole it, Bellatrix tortures Hermione and imprisons the other two.

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Hermione’s piercing cries shatter the hearts of both the audience and her friends, who urgently attempt to assist her. Bellatrix carves “Mudblood” on Hermione’s arm, using her Muggle-born status against her once again.

Hermione suspected that Harry must perish.
Hermione, the most clever of the three, had the unsettling sensation that Harry may be the last Horcrux that must be destroyed to kill Voldemort. For both Hermione and Harry, the epiphany’s realization is a tragic moment.

As Harry and Hermione hug, it is evident how much love and friendship they have developed over the course of seven years. Hermione offers to accompany Harry to the forest to confront Voldemort, but Harry knows he must go alone.

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