Europe is experiencing worst drought in 500 year- Authorities

Europe is experiencing worst drought in 500 year- Authorities : The disastrous drought in Europe has now spread to over two-thirds of the continent. According to European authorities, this is possibly the worst drought in the last five hundred years.

This Monday, the European Commission’s Global Drought Observatory published a fresh assessment on the drought conditions. The commission discovered that 47% of the continent is under drought warnings, indicating that there is a lack of precipitation and the soil is drying, while 17% of the continent is under drought alerts, indicating that in addition to soil and precipitation issues, vegetation is exhibiting signs of stress.

The executive summary of the study, which contains data from the first ten days of August, states, “The severe drought that has affected many parts of Europe since the beginning of the year has expanded and become worse since early August.” “Dry conditions are associated with a widespread and continuous lack of precipitation and a series of heatwaves beginning in May”

According to the report, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania, Hungary, northern Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Ireland, and the United Kingdom are experiencing increasingly hazardous conditions, while the rest of Europe maintains stability despite being affected by extremely dry conditions. The month of July was the driest in England since 1935.

According to the research, only the southern Czech Republic, northern Austria, and tiny portions of central France have seen a comeback. The continent has been visibly affected by the extreme heatwaves and dry weather.

The river has receded to such a degree that objects have surfaced from their depths. In June, the greatest river in Italy, the Po, saw such low water levels that a 164-year-old barge that hauled wood during World War II and drowned in 1943 became visible. Along Europe’s second-longest river, the Danube, which flows from southern Germany to eastern Romania, dozens of sunken ships have been discovered.

In addition, wildfires have devastated the nation, destroying crops and causing people to evacuate their homes. A month ago, a terrible fire ravaged the Bordeaux wine region and turned a large tract of land to ash. In one area alone, almost 10,000 people had to leave. Spain and Portugal have been fighting their own flames, with tens of thousands of firefighters attempting to contain the blazes.

According to the European Commission, “the present drought in Europe seems to be the worst in at least 500 years,” and “the repercussions of climate change become more apparent each year.”

Europe is experiencing worst drought in 500 year
Europe is experiencing worst drought in 500 year


The current drought in Europe appears to be the worst in at least 500 years, according to @EU_ScienceHub experts.

The severe rainfall deficit is affecting crops and increasing the risk of fires.

It has also impacted rivers, affecting the energy sector and river transport.

— European Commission (@EU_Commission) August 23, 2022

Several European industries, notably energy and agriculture, have suffered as a result of the current crisis. Water and heat stress have “significantly impacted” summer agricultural output, according to the research.

Grain maize, soy, and sunflowers have been affected the most. According to the research, yields for these crops are 16%, 15%, and 12% below their respective 5-year averages.

Certain mid-August precipitation may have helped alleviate drought conditions in some locations, but in many others, storms have exacerbated damage and loss, diminishing the advantages of rain.

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Researchers anticipate the western Euro-Mediterranean area to be “warmer and drier than average” until at least November. At least three months of drier-than-normal weather are anticipated in some regions of the Iberian Peninsula, according to the assessment.

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