Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance after his suspension for sexual assault 

Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance after his suspension for sexual assault – Jimmy and Dee Haslam, owners of the Cleveland Browns, defended the acquisition of quarterback Deshaun Watson and their view that “people deserve second chances” after Watson’s 11-game ban.

Thursday, the NFL confirmed Watson’s suspension after the league and NFL Players Association reached an agreement on the punishment. In addition, Watson must pay a $5 million punishment. Jimmy Haslam said during training camp that the Browns think Watson “deserves a second shot,” citing the success of Kareem Hunt.

Hunt was banned for eight games for breaching the league’s personal conduct code when a video allegedly showing him abusing a woman in a hotel emerged in 2019. Jimmy Haslam added, “I believe that in this nation, and hopefully across the globe, individuals deserve second chances.” “I really believe that. I suffer a little bit … Is he expected to never play again? Is he never meant to be a member of society? Does he have no opportunity to redeem himself? That is exactly what we will do.

“You might reply, “Well, he’s a terrific quarterback,” in response. Well, obviously. But if his name was “Joe Smith,” he would not be daily news. “We believe that everyone deserves a second opportunity. We gave Kareem Hunt a second opportunity, which has been rather successful. We hope that this will work out, and we are certain that it will. That does not imply we lack compassion for those harmed, and we will continue to show compassion. However, we firmly think that everyone deserves a second opportunity; we feel Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance.”

He said that he was “absolutely, 100 percent” satisfied with Watson on the squad and would make the move again if given the opportunity. Haslam said, “We indicated at the time that our approach was comprehensive.” “We believed we made an educated choice. We understand why others may not have made the same choice as us, but we feel that Deshaun has several great characteristics.

“And we believe he has done all possible to integrate himself into our team and to fulfill our requests. We do feel that when he through the process of self-improvement and self-growth, he will be able to make a significant and positive contribution to our team and business.”

Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance after his suspension for sexual assault 
Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance after his suspension for sexual assault


Dee Haslam expressed optimism that the discussion around Watson will be more fruitful.

“I hope the dialogue leads to the question, “What can we do moving forward to disseminate the knowledge to aid others?” I believe there is a tremendous chance to discuss big problems in our nation, such as sex trafficking, massage parlor abuse, etc., in this region “She said,

“We can gather a wealth of knowledge from this, and the potential is huge. We may continue to discuss Deshaun, or we can discuss the real problems facing our nation and make a difference.

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“My goal is that by utilizing this forum to discuss how we are in the business of preventing tragedy from occurring to other young men and women, we can move ahead as a nation in so many neglected areas. This is not about Deshaun, and I hope those ladies would participate in programs that educate people so that we can go to a better place.”

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