Democratic Senate candidate in Wisconsin led a state commission on racism and climate change

Democratic Senate candidate in Wisconsin led a state commission on racism and climate change – Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes, lieutenant governor of Wisconsin, oversaw a government task committee on climate change that suggested anti-racism education.

The so-called Task Force on Climate Change, which Gov. Tony Evers, D-Wisconsin, established and nominated Barnes to oversee in October 2019, was intended to recommend measures for the state government to follow in its fight against climate change. More than a year later, in December 2020, Barnes and the other members of the task group submitted a final report outlining 55 recommendations to combat global warming and achieve “environmental justice.”

“In order to address this crisis and the environmental injustices associated with it, we must take immediate action and ensure that these actions are equitable and inclusive,” Barnes said in a statement following the release of the report. “Anything less will continue the long pattern of environmental racism we have witnessed in this country.”

The task force’s policy recommendations included the implementation of an anti-racism education program across all government bodies via executive action and law. The task committee suggested a connection between racism and climate change.


The research claimed, “Environmental racism and climate change are intricately intertwined because inherent racism and prejudice in social, political, corporate, and financial institutions determine who profits from activities that create harmful emissions and who suffers the most as a result.”

Neighborhoods of color and low-income communities have historically suffered the most.

In addition, the research states that “structural racism is rooted in our social institutions” and that the ordinary American’s historical and racial knowledge is “depressingly poor.” Also proposed was the use of unconscious bias education to avoid future unfair legislation.

In addition, the task committee recommended that the state government increase its support for incorporating climate science into the K-12 curriculum.

“In order to accomplish environmental justice in Wisconsin, government entities, together with companies, nonprofit groups, foundations, financial institutions, and the education system, must face the racism and prejudice that exist within their systems,” concluded the study.

Other ideas included establishing an Office of Environmental Justice, demanding an impact assessment on racial disparities, and starting a “information campaign” on climate change. The research indicates that ideas to withdraw from fossil fuel investments and prohibit new oil and gas projects have been considered, but not finalized.

Democratic Senate candidate in Wisconsin led a state commission on racism and climate change
Democratic Senate candidate in Wisconsin led a state commission on racism and climate change


Barnes has advocated critical race theory (CRT) in the past, stating that religious schooling is more comparable to “indoctrination.”

On June 23, 2021, he tweeted, “Many of the same folks mobilizing against critical race theory on the premise of ‘indoctrination’ are entirely okay with government monies going into religious education.” “Make it make sense.”

CRT is a school of thought that examines the effects of racism on important society institutions. Local school systems around the country have been heavily criticized in the last year for incorporating CRT principles into K-12 curriculum.

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Barnes seeks to unseat incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, in the approaching midterm election in November. Cook Political Report rates the contest as “close to call,” while a recent Fox News poll gives Barnes a tiny edge over Johnson.

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