7 billion Dollar TV deal between the Big Ten and Fox, CBS, and NBC

7 billion Dollar TV deal between the Big Ten and Fox, CBS, and NBC – The new $7 billion media rights contract between the Big Ten and three major television networks will create a Saturday broadcast schedule similar to that of the NFL. The Big Ten said Thursday that it has finalized seven-year deals with Fox, CBS, and NBC to split football and basketball broadcast rights.

The accords go into effect in 2023 and end in 2030, allowing the conference’s soon-to-be 16 member colleges to split more than $1 billion annually, according to a source familiar with the details who spoke with The Associated Press.

The individual talked to the AP on the condition of anonymity because Big Ten and network executives were not discussing financial specifics publicly, but the agreement is thought to be the wealthiest ever for a college sports franchise on an annual basis. The significant gain in income for the conference will not begin until the third year of the agreement and will climb progressively during the final five years.

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren told the Associated Press, “It gives us the chance to continue doing the things we need to do to care for our student-athletes, to strengthen our schools, and to expand our programs.”

The Big Ten now includes 14 members, spanning from Rutgers and Maryland on the East Coast to Nebraska in the Midwest and encompassing some of the country’s largest media areas, such as New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Southern California and UCLA are set to join the Big Ten in 2024, expanding its reach to include the Los Angeles market.

With ESPN’s 40-year association with Big Ten football coming to an end, the league is likely to secure three key time slots with its network partners. Tuesday, July 26, 2022, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren addresses reporters at an NCAA college football press conference during Big Ten Conference media days at Lucas Oil Stadium. (Photo by AP/Darron Cummings) (Darron Cummings/Associated Press)

Fox, which has split Big Ten rights with ESPN since 2017 and holds a controlling ownership in the Big Ten Network, will continue to air its premier game of the day at noon Eastern time. Fox and its cable network FS1 will get the rights to broadcast at least 45 men’s and women’s basketball games.

Beginning in 2024, CBS will replace the SEC game of the week at 3:30 p.m. Eastern with a Big Ten game, which is relocating to ABC.

From 2024 through 2029, CBS will broadcast 14 to 15 Big Ten football games every season, including a Black Friday game. In contrast to its longstanding agreement with the SEC, CBS will not be guaranteed the first choice of football games each week with the Big Ten. Fox, CBS, and NBC will have a draft for game selections, giving each network a chance to choose first in a given week.

In 2023, CBS will broadcast seven Big Ten games while continuing to broadcast the SEC at 3:30 p.m. Eastern. The network will continue to broadcast Big Ten men’s basketball, including the semifinals and finals of the conference tournament, and will also begin broadcasting the women’s basketball tournament championship.

“When we looked at the key cities — even before USC and UCLA — and the national footprint of the Big Ten, it was a very compelling arrangement for us,” said Sean McManus, head of CBS Sports.

7 billion Dollar TV deal between the Big Ten and Fox, CBS, and NBC
7 billion Dollar TV deal between the Big Ten and Fox, CBS, and NBC


On November 27, 2021, in the fourth quarter, Michigan running back Donovan Edwards sprints into double coverage by Ohio State safety Bryson Shaw and linebacker Cody Simon.

ports. “And I believe the compensation is reasonable. It is unheard of. They are the richest agreements in college football history.”

Beginning in 2023, NBC will broadcast 15 to 16 games every season on “Big Ten Saturday Night” during prime time. Additionally, eight football games and dozens of men’s and women’s basketball games will be broadcast exclusively on Peacock, the network’s online subscription service, every season. Notre Dame, which remains unattached with a league, has a separate, lengthy broadcast agreement with NBC.

Each network will broadcast the Big Ten’s football championship game at least once over the duration of the contracts, with Fox holding the rights to four (2023, ’25, ’27, and ’29).

Warren spent more than two decades in the front offices of three NFL clubs as an executive. He said that the Big Ten’s aim for its new broadcast contract was based after an NFL Sunday, with three straight major games showing on three separate networks from noon Eastern until almost midnight.

“I simply believed that where we were in the Big Ten, with the institutions we had, we had a really unique chance,” Warren said. “We have enthusiastic fans. We have the breadth and the historical framework to be able to accomplish something really unique with three formidable brands, Fox, CBS, and NBC.”

The Big Ten’s partnership with three conventional networks demonstrates that although streaming may be the future, linear television is far from extinct.

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“It may be dying in some regards. You may compare some events to staged dramas. Sitcoms. “But for sports and news, it’s never been stronger,” said Bob Thompson, former head of Fox Sports Network. “The conferences or leagues are hesitant to undertake such a large transition from the widespread availability of broadcast television,” he said. “Now you’ll go on to streaming services, which, in the grand scheme of things, are still very modest in terms of the number of viewers and users.”

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