1,200-year-old Luxurious palace discovered in southern Israel

1200-year-old Luxurious palace discovered in southern Israel– Tuesday, Israel’s antiquities department said that archaeologists had uncovered a 1,200-year-old mansion in the Negev region’s southern desert that provides a rare peek into the lives of rich Negev people. The authorities said that the find near the Bedouin settlement of Rahat belongs to the early Islamic era in the eighth or ninth century.

The luxurious residence is constructed around a courtyard and has four wings with many rooms for its tenants. One opulent area contains a marble corridor with stone flooring and ornate wall embellishments. Additionally, the archaeologists discovered pieces of ornate glass serving plates.

Archaeologists were shocked to find underground stone vaults underneath the courtyard, which they think were used to store objects at cooler temperatures away from the hot desert heat. The vaults seem to have been erected with care and are solid enough for subterranean travel. A passageway from the vaulted chambers connects to a cistern from which inhabitants may receive cold drinking water.

According to experts, the mansion’s owners undoubtedly had a prosperous life and had enough resources. The archaeologists in charge of the excavations stated in a statement that the opulent home and the spectacular subterranean vaults were proof of the owners’ wealth.

1200-year-old Luxurious palace discovered in southern Israel
1200-year-old mansion unearthed in southern Israel


According to Oren Shmueli, Elena Kogan-Zehavi, and Noe D. Michael, “their high position and riches enabled them to construct a lavish palace that functioned as a dwelling and venue for festivities.” We presume that whomever resided here was a local leader,” Michael told AFP, adding that such estates were “unknown in the Negev until now.”

On Thursday, the site in the Bedouin community of Rahat will open to the public. In June, Israeli archaeologists disclosed a unique mosque belonging to the same era, which is located nearby. The Israel Antiquities Authority estimated that a few hundred Muslims formerly worshiped at the location.

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The territory was conquered by Muslims during the first part of the seventh century. Michael continued, “After we complete the excavation (of the home), it is anticipated that this location would be conserved with other findings such as the mosque.” As per media Reports Last year, researchers revealed the discovery of hundreds of fresh Dead Sea Scroll pieces in an Israeli desert cave.

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